Rubber Roof Repair Ridgefield, WA

A Marathon Runner Named Rubber EPDM

For over 50 years, rubber roofs have provided robust protection to various roofing substrates.  Rubber roof is the term commonly used for an EPDM roof. EPDM is the short form of ethylene propylene diene terapolymer monomer. This is a synthetic rubber available as liquid as well as solid sheets. One coat of EPDM offers the necessary and sufficient protection as compared to other coatings that are applied multiple times. And, the average life of EPDM coatings is around 50 years. As strong as they are, rubber EPDM roofs still require repairs.

For all rubber roof repairs in Ridgefield, WA, call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980. We have a time-tested procedure in place for the repair of rubber roofs. Our team will visit your rubber roof and provide a free, objective evaluation. Our skills and experience will do the rest.

White Knight Roofing’s Proven Procedure for Rubber Roof Repair

Rubber EPDM coatings can be applied on numerous roofing substrates including fiberglass, concrete, foam, metal, and more. Advantages of rubber EPDM coatings:

  • Ponding Resistance: do not allow the formation of small water pools
  • Lightweight: only one coat is sufficient
  • Weather Resistance: withstand heavy rains, extreme temperatures, high winds, snow, storms, and hail
  • Low Lifecycle Costs: average life of 50 years
  • Crack Resistance: expands and contracts with changing temperatures
  • Thermal Resistance: lowers your energy bills for cooling and heating
  • Minimum Maintenance

White Knight Roofing delivers you all these benefits of rubber EPDM roofing and more. Call us at 888-389-1980 and our technicians will explain our proven procedure for the repair of rubber roofs:

  • Inspection of the Type and Condition of Flashings: as incorrect type of flashings and those with damages can cause roofing system failures
  • Check for Ponding Water: that makes your commercial roof vulnerable to leakages and adds avoidable weight to your roofing system
  • Eliminate Debris and Vegetation: that impair the roofing membrane and create an entry point for water and moisture
  • Identify Wrinkles: that provide access to water and debris to get under the membrane. Wrinkles near seams are particularly dangerous
  • Create a Tailored Repair Plan: that addresses all the issues of your rubber roof while staying within your budget

Customized Repairs

Roofs that are not repaired and maintained properly get their useful lives cut short by between 33.33% and 50%. The only option then is exorbitant roof replacement.

Call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980 for all kinds of rubber roof repairs in Ridgefield, WA and spare yourselves from unnecessary roofing expenses. All our coatings and services come with strong material and labor warranties.