Roof Coating Ridgefield, Washington

If you aren’t very familiar with what a roof coating is and what it can do for your commercial or industrial property, you are not alone. With our 30+ years in the industry we have come to realize that our clients tend to have similar questions when it comes to roof restoration. In order to help you all understand and see what a great investment a roof coating is we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions, FAQs.

  1. What roofing types can be treated with a roof coating? A large variety of commercial and industrial roofing types can be treated with a roof coating. Single-ply roofing systems, metal, foam, EPDM and asphalt to name a few types. Call today to see if your Ridgefield, Washington roof is one of them.
  2. Why should my roof be coated? This is a hard one to answer without taking up a majority of your day! Roof coatings are the “green” roofing option due to the fact that it is a roofing system that is applied directly to your existing roof. Lessening the amount of construction related debris that goes into our landfills. It is also reflective which allows for a roof that does not absorb heat, keeping your structure cooler and giving your AC unit a well-deserved break, lowering energy costs by as much as 30%.
  3. Are there warranties available for roof coatings? Sure are! Call White Knight Roofing today at (888) 389-1980 to discuss the available labor and material warranties.
  4. Is recoating and option for future protection? Yes, it can. Even the most meticulously maintained roof will not last forever and roof coatings are the same. The good news, a roof coating can be reapplied for additional years of protection.
  5. How do I know that a roof coating is the best choice for my property? If you are tired of handing out money for constant repairs or have noticed a few minor problems that would be easily fixed with a roof coating, call us right away.

After all, Washington is known for its rain so let’s make sure you have a water-tight roofing system to protect your commercial property. If you are looking for a worry-free roofing system to improve your moderately aged roof you can call on White Knight Roofing. With our extensive roof coating knowledge, we’ll make sure your roof is ready for anything that mother nature can throw at it.

Part of our service area includes Ridgefield, Washington. Call today to see if your commercial property is in on our radar – (888) 389-1980.