Roof Coating Ridgefield, WA

White Knight: The Real Knight of Roofing

As a business owner you are very, very busy. At times, you’re too busy to take some time to show appreciation for the one asset that silently guards your building and all that is housed in it – your commercial roof.

Roof coatings are a great, cost-effective way to pump years and even decades of active life into your old commercial roof. The alternative, roof replacement, is expensive to put it softly. For all kinds of roof coatings in Ridgefield, WA, call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980.

With more than 30 years experience in commercial roofing services, White Knight Roofing has established a reputation for knowledge, dependability, finesse, and skill. Our skilled technicians have been on sites with the toughest roofing issues and solved them all.  More than that, we are known for listening to our customers and formulating solutions that take care of the challenge while staying within your budget.

Roof Coatings Benefits

When was the last time you took a stroll on your roof? The activity can be relaxing. Besides, you might witness the telltale signs that your roof needs a coating:

  • Pooling Water
  • Interior Water Stains
  • Tears, Blisters, or Cracks
  • Damaged or Missing Flashings
  • Storm Damage
  • Vegetation Growing on Roof

If you find any of these signs, call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980 and we will work with you to repair these issues and make sure your asset it water tight. If these issues are ignored they can become immensely destructive and expensive for your commercial roof.

Our technicians will examine your roof and explain why and which roof coatings, if any, need to be applied. Roof coatings:

  • Can be applied directly on a numerous roofing substrates like metal, rubber EPDM, bitumen, TPO, etc.
  • Add years, even decades of usefulness to your old commercial roof by replenishing its capacity to stand up to the destructive elements of weather
  • Form a seamless, waterproof membrane over your commercial roof that lasts long
  • Lowers HVAC energy costs by reflecting sunrays
  • Are available with renewable and extendable warranties

Professionalism, Our Byword

The focus on efficiency, safety, quality, and professionalism makes White Knight Roofing a company you can depend on. Holding all relevant licenses and insurance, we educate and inform our customers before moving ahead.

Call us today at 888-389-1980 and save a fortune in the long run!