Commercial Roof Replacement

your commercial or industrial roof showing evidence of significant problems? The professionals at White Knight Roofing & Contracting are here to help! We can provide you with a professional assessment to determine whether your building needs a new roof or whether another, less costly solution could be deployed instead. Either way, you can depend on our experts to provide the reliable, warrantied service you need.

Call us today at 888-389-1980 and we’ll send out a company representative to thoroughly survey your roof and take note of all compromised areas. We will then provide you with a comprehensive assessment on the condition of your roof and the various options available to you.

At White Knight Roofing & Contracting, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest-quality service to resolve all of their roofing issues. The result: We’ll ensure your building is protected, leak-free and energy efficient for years to come!

Roofing Solutions

At White Knight Roofing & Contracting, we provide high-performance, seamless, lightweight, weather-resistant roofing systems from Conklin, which offer advantages that include:

  • Applications for all roofing problems
  • The installation of a seamless, waterproof barrier over your existing roof
  • Elimination of leaks and condensation within the roof structure
  • Extension of your roof’s life without costly tear-off
  • Robust fire, hail, wind and UV resistance
  • Systems stretch and contract with changing temperatures
  • 85 percent solar reflectance value
  • Potential for up to 30 percent A/C cost savings
  • Outstanding elongation and tensile strength
  • ENERGY STAR® certification

We further offer non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranty options extending up to 20 years. Our systems are backed a national reputation of excellence spanning more than 35 years and deliver the most advanced leak resistance, building protection, sustainability and eco-friendliness available on the market!

Call us today at 888-389-1980 to schedule a professional estimate!