Flat Roof Replacement Ridgefield, WA

Flat Roof Replacement: The Last Option

Even well-maintained flat commercial roofs will eventually run out of steam and need a replacement. If you are spending frequently and repeatedly on repairs for the same roofing defect, you might need to replace your commercial flat roof.

For all types of commercial flat roof replacements in Ridgefield, WA call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980. We will conduct a free and fair roof evaluation and let you know if your commercial flat roof really needs a replacement. As a company that has dealt with a full range of roofing issues over more than 30 years, we are more than aware of the immense expenditure involved in replacing roofs. White Knight Roofing is known for integrity and we suggest replacements only if necessary.

More than that, we educate all our clients on how to maintain roofs so as to avoid frequent replacements. We take pride in our strong work ethic and remove the commercial roofing stress out of your life. This way, you can focus on your business for maximum returns.

Symptoms of Roof Replacement

Cracks or bubbles, damaged or poorly-secured flashings, and ponding water are three major reasons for flat roof replacement.

If you notice the following signs on your flat commercial roof, you might need to replace it. To be sure though, call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980 and we will conduct a thorough roof evaluation for free. Signs include:

  • Recurring and frequent repairs of the same issue means repairs are no longer effective.
  • Widespread and frequent ponding of water that lasts for 48+ hours after rains implies flimsy roof structure.
  • Extremely damaged vapor barriers and flashings is another sign. Flat roofs are usually made of waterproof membranes separated from the substrate with a vapor barrier. Metal flashings seal the leak-prone edges. Damaged flashings and vapor barriers invite leakages.
  • Extensive tears and rips in roofing material and seams indicates major damage that may no longer be fixed by repairs.
  • Unable to withstand high winds
  •  Large holes in the roof that cause persistent leaks and discolored ceilings
  •  Mold or foul odors are a result of long-term leakage

Minimum Disruptions, Maximum Returns

Flat roof replacements sometimes require you to shut down your operations in the building. A combination of our 30 years of sterling experience with expert and seasoned workmanship ensures minimal disruptions.

Call White Knight Roofing at 888-389-1980 and our personnel will first examine your roofing asset and determine whether a roof replacement is necessary. We hold all the necessary licenses and insurance. When you hire us for flat roof replacement, you are essentially waving goodbye to roofing stress.