Flat Roof Repair Camas WA

Lots of commercial and industrial buildings have flat roofs – and for good reason. While there are a lot of advantages to flat roofs, there are also drawbacks. When the time comes and you are looking for flat roof repair in Camas, Washington, or the surrounding communities, call the expert team at White Knight Roofing & Contracting. We are waiting for your call at (888) 389-1980!

Flat Roofs – the Good and the Bad

Flat roofs are relatively inexpensive and offer a lot of extra space inside your building –  needed space for storage and more. Flat roofs make it easy to house HVAC units, solar panels and other utilities. In addition, it’s easy to access a flat roof, making it easier to fix and maintain equipment and clean your gutters.

However, flat roofs also have disadvantages. Drainage is a common problem because flat roofs don’t drain water as well as steeper roofs. And when water stays on your roof longer, it can cause problems. Ponding water can speed the aging of your roof and eventually lead to leaks.  If not taken care of quickly, it can even lead to structural damage and mold.

So, it’s important to watch for water that pools on your roof longer than 48 hours after a rainstorm. Other signs of trouble are tears, cracks, blisters and impaired flashings.

Don’t Pay for Expensive Replacement!

Don’t wait until little problems become big problems. Finding and repairing small issues on your flat roof can keep you from having to spend big money on an expensive full roof replacement. Call the pros at White Knight Roofing & Contracting today for a free roof inspection at (888) 389-1980. White Knight can handle any flat roof problem including:

  • Leaks
  • Premature wear-and-tear
  • Blistering
  • Ponding water due to improper drainage
  • Cracks
  • Pooling water under flat roof membrane
  • Punctures
  • Alligator cracks
  • Weathering and deterioration
  • Storm damage

White Knight Roofing & Contracting is one of the most trusted companies in the Camas, Washington area. We have decades of experience and we stand behind our work 100%.
Call the pros at White Knight Roofing & Contracting today – (888) 389-1980.  We look forward to working with you.