Choice Roof Contractor Group

At White Knight Roofing & Contracting, we have the unique privilege of belonging to Choice Roof Contractor Group, which is a nationwide association of professional roof contractors boasting an illustrious reputation for excellence throughout the United States. The endorsed members of this group have proven track records of exceptional performance, top-quality workmanship, efficient and reliable roof servicing, and a commitment to excellence and proficiency. We are proud to be included among the ranks of this high-caliber association!

A roof is a high-cost investment, and proper maintenance of that roof is a complicated matter. At White Knight Roofing & Contracting, we take proper workmanship very seriously, and we have the tools and solutions to expertly address all of your roofing needs. Let us take the stress and headaches of roof care off your shoulders. Call us today at 888-389-1980 for the topnotch service you need and deserve!

The Choice Roof Contractor Group Difference

Belonging to The Choice Roof Contractor Group gives White Knight Roofing & Contracting numerous advantages—advantages that our valued customers benefit from again and again. Belonging to this first-rate nationwide group, which is comprised of some of the best roofing contractors in the U.S., gives us hugely valuable resources and benefits that unaffiliated roofing companies do not have, including:

  • A group-backed lifetime service guarantee.
  • A trusted nationwide reputation.
  • Full-scale roofing solutions.
  • Group-wide insight into complex roofing problems.
  • Nationally scaled support.
  • Access to a nationwide pool of expertise and resources.

The Choice Roof Contractor Group Story

After more than 20 years in the roofing industry, Samuel Hostetler gained tremendous insight into the problems commercial roofing clients frequently faced—chief among them being a lack of access to qualified commercial roofing contractors.

Hostetler realized the roofing industry needed better quality control and many more professionals who were expertly trained and dedicated to excellence. This led him to become a co-founder of The Choice Roof Contractor Group, which has since blossomed into a renowned nationwide network of expert contractors who are committed to supporting business owners and one another in an unprecedented way.

In his role as a co-founder, group mentor, professional roofing consultant and a key industry figure, Hostetler continues his work of building up the standards of the roofing industry. He has helped numerous companies throughout the country bolster their roofing skills and enhance the value they offer to customers. His nationwide Choice Roof Contractor Group associates continue to rise to the outstanding example of excellence he has set for them.

Experience the Difference for Yourself!

Discover firsthand the exceptional difference it makes when you work with an associated member of Choice Roof Contractor Group! Call White Knight Roofing & Contracting today at 888-389-1980 to enjoy the quality and excellence you need and deserve!