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Here at White Knight Roofing, clients often ask if it makes sense to have regular maintenance provided for their roof. Our answer is always yes! it’s just like changing the oil in your car, spend a little now to save in the future. Just like an oil change is cheaper than replacing an engine, routine maintenance and repairs are more cost effective than prematurely replacing your roof.

As one of Ridgefield, Washington’s leading commercial roofing companies there is nothing our team can’t improve when it comes to roofing. If you would like a little insight to what our company offers give us call today at (888) 389-1980.

Maintenance – It Just Makes Sense

There are several compelling reasons to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis. A few of the more prime reasons include:

  1. Keep your investment going strong. A well-maintained roof is more likely to reach its life expectancy and less likely to be prematurely replaced.
  2. Service calls can add up. A majority of our calls are considered “emergency calls”. Meaning, we are usually contacted when a problem occurs. Usually interior water stains are spotted or a storm rolls through and damages your roofing asset. A roof we are unfamiliar with will need to be inspected and that takes up valuable time. When we “know” your roof we are able to put a plan in place and act on it sooner.
  3. Stop leaks before they start. Some roofing issues are less noticeable to the untrained eye. A roof that “looks alright” can often times have underlying issues that can cause extensive damages. Regular maintenance checks will catch these problems before they are given the chance to expand.
  4. When it is time for a replacement, we’ve already got it planned out. A roof that we have experience with is much easier to plan and design a new roofing system. Saving you time and disruptions to your facility.
  5. Priceless peace of mind. Thinking that your roof is okay and knowing that your roof is in good condition are two totally different things. Let the White Knight Roofing team provide that peace of mind for you with regular maintenance and roof inspections.

To learn more about the ways we can improve and help your Ridgefield, Washington commercial roof, call our office at (888) 389-1980. Having a troubled roof can be frustrating, we understand that. Stay ahead of roofing troubles by taking part in our preventative maintenance program.