Benefits of Seamless Roofing

White Knight Roofing & Contracting takes great pride in providing roofing systems that offer lasting value and deliver an impressive ROI. A seamless roofing system is a prime choice to protect your facility, offering a monolithic, seam-free body that makes it resistant to leaks, drips and water penetration—all problems commonly experienced with traditional seamed membrane roofs.

Seamless roofs are liquid-applied roofing systems known as “roof coatings” and are composed of consistent membrane bodies. In addition to the seamless, monolithic protective layer these systems form over an existing roof, they provide other prime benefits, as well, including:

  • Correct existing leaks: Leaks are the most common issues experienced with commercial roofs and can snowball into huge and expensive problems if not addressed. When a leak forms, water collects under the roof surface and, over time, starts to ruin the roof structure within the surface layer. The installation of a seamless roof coating immediately corrects this problem. This new layer of protection will safeguard your existing roof from nature’s corrosive and damaging elements and from the many other hazards that can damage a roof.
  • Address the sources of future leaks: In the majority of cases, a commercial roofing system will develop leaks because of incorrect installation or subpar workmanship. The most common areas of weakness are found around walls, protrusions, rooftop units, curbs and other features. With proper installation of a top-quality Conklin roof coating system performed by White Knight Roofing & Contracting, you can rest easy that vulnerable areas of your roof will be sealed off and that your building will be thoroughly safeguarded from water penetration.
  • Superior to roof sheet products: Seamless roofs do not have the vulnerable features associated with commercial roofing systems made from sheet products. These inferior products are plagued with common leak areas like seams, gaps and overlaps as well as weakness around screws and fasteners used in installation. In contrast, a seamless roof has none of these vulnerable features and is much stronger in guarding against leaks.

Reap the Benefits of Reliability

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