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Asphalt Shingle Recycle

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Recycle Asphalt Shingles

Is there anything we don’t recycle?

We even recycle old songs, old television programs, and old movies. Songs like; “Come Together” by the Beatles in 1969 and recycled by Areosmith in 1991, or “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder in 1976 and recycled by Lady Gaga in 2015. And how about television programs like “Full House” first aired in 1987 and recycled as a continuation sequel under the name of “Fuller House” in 2016. Then there are movies like; “You’ve Got Mail” released in 1998 was loosely based on 1940’s movie “The Bookstore Around the Corner” with James Stewart.  “Pride and Prejudice” has been recycled 6 times, “The Longest Yard” 5 times, “The Hulk” 4 times, “King Kong” 3 times, “Godzilla” and there’s more but I’ll spare you the stats.

Environmental Roofing Recycling

Recycling is not a bad thing. In this age of protecting our environment almost everything is recycled. So is not surprising that eventually asphalt shingles would find their place in the recycling industry. It is not unusual during severe weather outbreaks throughout the country that thousands of home and business roofs are damaged from large hail each year.  When this occurs all those homes and businesses must have their roofs replaced. That means the old roofing materials have to be removed and discarded. In America eighty percent of all homes are roofed with asphalt shingles.

The shingles removed from the average American home weighs from one to three tons. Every year millions of tons of asphalt shingles are dumped as waste material. Previously all of those old roofing materials were sent to landfills. So it’s not hard to see the need to recycle such an enormous amount of asphalt shingle waste material.

Shingle recycling is becoming more and more common in order to keep asphalt shingles and similar roofing materials from ending up in America’s landfills. Recycling asphalt shingles contributes to keeping our country environmentally clean.  Asphalt shingles cannot be incinerated to destroy it due to its petroleum qualities.

These recycled shingles have become a valuable commodity when converted into material used for paving America’s roads and highways. They are converted into Hot Mix for paving highways and roads, and Hot Patch for repairing potholes. The recycling industry is hoping to find energy saving products that are environmentally safe that can be introduced to the public at an affordable price.

Uses for Recycled Shingles

There are other potential uses for recycled shingles may be used in patio decking, pool patios, sidewalks, and even interlocking bricks. Recycled shingles products are found in ground cover material, ground up and used on parking lots, driveways, and walk ways.  Because asphalt shingle are a refined petroleum product they can be recycled to produce a non-renewable resource in the form of oil. Only time will tell all the uses that may be derived from recycled shingles.

For now it is safe to say we are headed in a direction that if it can safely be recycled it will be recycled.